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Subsidized by the Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency.
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The company "Equipment-machines" d.d. started 2015. The project "Implementation of energy efficient lighting in the production and storage facility, equipment-machinery Ludbreg". The project is co-funded by the Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency in the Public tender for co-financing of energy restoration non-residential buildings.

The total project value is 284.320,53 kn, while the project is co-financed in the amount of 90.982,57 kn.
The project aims to increase energy efficiency in company equipment machines d.d. from Ludbreg by installing energy-efficient lighting in the production and storage space.

On the basis of calculation for the same production-storage section savings is almost 85,22 %. A lot of information is significant financial savings from 83,17 % (on year 75.424,83 kn).

The overall objective is to raise the quality and efficiency of the lighting system in production and storage facilities and to reduce maintenance costs and consumption.

The ultimate goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, or CO2 for approximately. 36,06 t u 2015. year.
Intelligent systems allow the use of the presence of daylight in the house and complete automation of lighting systems with the intention of reducing the consumption of electricity for lighting.

The implementation of this project was made replacement of the existing lighting system of 93 pieces of lamps with new, more energy-efficient than 113 pieces that are environmentally and economically aligned with the current legislation Standard EN 13 201 and the Law on Protection against light pollution (NN br. 114/11). The existing lamps are power 500 W, while a power LED 72 W.

Wish administration is globally meet certain energy standards, reduce emissions and negative effects of the greenhouse effect, and raise the quality of illumination and the use of modern lamp to achieve some savings to free up funds to invest in projects that are rated as priorities for making the goals and measures of the development strategy of the company.

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