Equipment for candy industry

Equipment for candy industry
Projecting, production, assemblage and Commissioning complette lines for: .
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Cocoa roaster
Melting and storage tanks
Pumps for thick mass like chocolate and syrup
Fat and butter melter
Ball valves
• Layer plant – cream covering line
Mixers, (dense masses)
Rollers for dough
Movable mixermatic
• Dosing unit
Almonds dryer
Honey melted
• Cooling tunnels
• Automatic and continuous tempering machines
Enrobing machines (“enrober”)
• Double walls tanks
• Pipes lines
Fat and aromas spraying
Sugar roaster
Breaker for roasted sugar
Box forming machines
• Dosing and packing lines for powder and corns
• Package forming machine
Shrink wrap machines and equipment
• Transport systems for row material and products
• powders row materials transport with Roots blowers
“Cookies moulding machine with oven ”
Wafer Cutting Machines
• Wafer Distribution Device
Stretching machine for candy mass
Rotary cookies moulding machine